Cyber-Techs in Real Life!?

You may not know this, but Yuni’s signature monsters, the Cyber-Techs, actually exist in real life! That’s right there is card called Cyber-Tech Alligator.

This card was used by Joey Wheeler in one of his duels with Mai Valentine. It may not seem that similar to the futuristic Cyber-Techs used by Yuni, but it does fit the basic requirements, since it is a cyborg. When I first created the Cyber-Tech archetype, I didn’t even know that this card existed. It wasn’t until later on that I learned of this card. Who knows, maybe some day Yuni will use this card in a duel. If you want to get your hands on a copy of the only Cyber-Tech monster to exist in real life, then grab yourself a Legendary Collector’s Set: Joey’s World, coming out Friday, October 11, the most recent set to print Cyber-Tech Alligator.

Until next time, duel on!


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