Episode 37 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

This episode featured Brutus facing his fear. Brutus’ fear of the dark goes back to the episode It’s Time to Duel Part 1, where Brutus panicked when being dropped into the dark. At first this was purely a joke. I always enjoy making jokes in which Brutus, a supposed tough guy, acts the opposite way then what you would expect a tough guy to act. I didn’t plan on going anywhere with this at first beyond just a joke, but then I thought about the idea for the Night Terror deck and thought it would be a good idea to exploit the idea that Brutus was afraid of the dark. Speaking of the Night Terror archetype, their basis is being summoned in face-down attack mode, which against what you might think, is an actual mechanic. There is one card that allows this to happen. It is called Darkness Approaches. That card flips all monsters face-down, but they remain in the same battle position, meaning you can have a face-down attack mode monster.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Look out for episode 38, coming soon!

Until next time, duel on!


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